Garden of senses "garden of the four winds"


task: New investment of a "garden of senses2 for blind and unabled adults on the rooftop above the first floor, renovation of the rooftop

location: Urban garden, 320 qm

client: Foundation Nikolauspflege Stuttgart

construction costs: 270.000,- €

cooperation: Hans-Freudenberg Schule produced the sound-objects and a ball-railway, young people of the turkish-islamic company Weinheim produced the barefoot-path and the garden beds on the rooftop, the Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-School produced the high garden beds

elements: Pergolaconstruction made out of steel with high garden beds for smelling - and feeling-plants, merry-go-round, nets, sound-elements, waterplays, bodya shower, barefoot-path

feature: Opening of the home through cooperations with groups from schoolastic, religious and other social companies from Weinheim