An educational task


In every human being there is a great potential of artistic expression, which can be used to shape the world in landscape, public space and architecture. All the techniques are available, offering us art, craft and gesture. The possibilities of mosaic work, ceramic, enamel, sgraffito, stone casting, wood, steel, concrete, stone and innovative artistic building materials lead to colourful, lively, intelligible and highly respected artistic-spatial designs. We counterbalance the mechanization of the environment with the poetisation of the environment, the anonymous surfaces and smooth forms expressing the power of many people through cooperative building and design.


Initiation Creative processes are initiated by taking materials in the hand, whether earth, clay, crayons or shovels, trying out techniques such as mosaic, ceramic, stone casting…but also by community, urban or social situations which call strongly for change and renewal.

Reflection Creative spirit emerges in the artistic activity, out from us, in front of us, and with us in communication. Through self-knowledge we achieve an understanding with others.

Interaction Communication with others about one’s creation does not require a language, can bridge misunderstanding and dismantle fear of the foreign. There is respect for the difference of the other.

Dynamic Design is constantly in flux, trial and error are natural co-determining circumstances, the imperfect and unfinished also igniting change and evolution.

Transformation Inanimate material becomes direct expression of individual life and creative social behaviour.