Naturschutz Erlebnis Schauinsland Total


250 Children and youth from 11 different schools have in conjunction with the regional council Freiburg and a the foundation for nature preservation under supervision of the architect Zaumseil developed N.E.S.T.

With the slogan "nature educates" they have created a nature reservoir and a space for experience in several different workshops in order to understand and experience the nature, the landscape, the history of the area Schauinsland.

They received 2007/2008 as well as 2009 /2010 the award for as official project for UNESCO World decade "Education for sustainable development".

N-E.S.T. offers today guided activities for school classes with in the nature reserve Schauinsland.

Under guided supervision and with a "research passport" and the "research back packs" the reserve can be explored extensively. Different quest ralley routes with two research stations – a tree house and a birds nest – are available for the pupils.


Where: Nature reserve Schauinsland and all around the Schniederlihof, aprox. 160000  squ metr.

Awarding authority: Regional council Freiburg, the foundation for nature preservation Baden-Württemberg.

Architect: Wolfgang Zaumseil, Dipl.-Ing., freelance architect and construction art.

Participants: Stohrenschule Münstertal and Freie Aktive Schule Stuttgart, Hauptschule Kirchzarten, Kepler-Gymnasium Freiburg, NABU (friends of the earth) youth group Freiburg, Emil Thoma-Realschule, freie Waldorfschule Rieselfeld (Steiner school Rieselfeld) Freie Waldorfschule Wiehre (Steiner school Wiehre) Wentzinger-Gymnasium, Angell-Gymnasium, a visiting class from Rumania, Friedrich-Weinbrenner-Gewerbeschule (vocational school) Freiburg (construction of the tree house).

Elements: Tree house as a research station with a tree library, large birds nest for relaxation (chill out) and observation, tour planner, research back pack, entrance porch, ceramics pictures in grannit rock.