Youth centre Wangen outdoor space

task: Decoration of the outdoor space, 220 qm, after wishes of the young artist as catalytic converter.

process: December 84-January 85, Planning May - June 1985, rooftop garden, „dragon enclosure", ground water well

performers: 20 young people from youth centre, 15 young people from the Alsace, 8 ypung asylum seekers from Sri Lanka, 2-people-buildinggroup from the youth centre e.V. (job creation scheme), many volunteers from the district

location:  Youth centre Wangen, Eybacherstraße

client: Stuttgarter Jugendhaus e.V.

construction costs: 75.000;- €

cooperation: AG Dritte Welt e.V., foundation program "berufliche Orientierung" Elsass foundation program "education and culture" of the ministry of education and science

elements: pond, ground water well, waterfall, oven for bread, bridge, paths and places

prizes: 1985, Deutscher Architekturpreis, Auszeichnung für Innenausbau und Außenanlagen 1986, Umweltpreis der Stadt Stuttgart, für Außenanlagen

publications: Garten&Landschaft 7/97