Living Willow Pavillon


Chi Nan University, Puli, Taiwan 

Ideas and goals


The „living willow pavilion“ is a public art project, designed by the German artist and architecture group “soft structures / gentle structures”. (how did we call it in the past?) Represented hereby by Wolfgang Zaumseil and Peedy Evacic. In this case represented through W. Zauseil and Peedy Evacic. Everything from the competition, the technical execution / realisation of the implementation plan, the organisation of the building site, and all the way to the realisation of the international work camp was in the hands of “Artfield”. The Team around Wu Huichen was in charge for the organisation of the project. For the last 12 years this team is conveying art into social movement and self-reforming polity/ local community.


The project “Living willow pavilion” in unique in Taiwan and is supported by the Chi Nan University in Puli Township, Nantou County Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Nantou is a rural area, famous for it´s tea and grape crops. Surrounded by beautifully shaped hills / mountains and dressed with lakes. The “Sun Moon Lake” is a magic, internationally renowned tourist attraction near the “Living Willow Pavilions”. On September 1999 the area was hit by a strong earthquake and extensive damage was done; with 2415 dead, 29 missing, and 11305 injured that were mourned, as well as 51.711 houses that were completely destroyed. (sounds awkward) make 3 short phrases from it, Joe…)



In the last 14 years with great effort of regeneration and refurbishment Puli developed a candid / sincere/ honest and caring loving attitude to it’s own land, a harmonious relationship between nature and man / humans.


With this project we want once more to bring together teachers and students, farmers and gardeners, locals and friends from the whole world, in order to celebrate our new life. In that we want to create this unique pavilion made from living willow together. Here will be created an experimental, human ecological environment, a meeting space / forum of character and even temper, a beautiful landmark that blends in with the surrounding mountain ridges.  


We’ve asked and encouraged volunteers from everywhere in the world to join in. Within a fortnight we’ve planted 118 Willows under the direct guidance of the architects and together with the volunteers from the university and the local area and made them into a nice geometrical shape. Ground space 150 qm.


Here we want to

-       create the first public artwork in Taiwan made of living trees

-       celebrate the cultural exchange with the local community

-       learn something about the survival of nature catastrophes

-       further the public awareness for the creation of a sustainable world/ Environment


Execution and participants


22.05.2013       Introduction of the abstract / draft / plans in front of the board panel     committee of the Chi Nan University, Puli

13.-21.12.2014     Building site, planting of the willows with the international work camp


25.-27 02. 2014    Opening and congress about the subject of “sustainable development of local communities” in Chi Nan University


22.09.2016       nominated for the 11th Public Art Award 2016, Ministry of Culture


Building cost: 25.000,-€

Building owner / employer:  Wu Huichen Artfield, Taipeh / National Chi Nan University, Puli

Participants: Students, Teachers and green Gardeners of Chi Nan University, International Work camp