Isle of Willow florescence

Project:  2017 Cheongsong Local Regeneration Project Korea - Cheongsong Forest Art

Location: Cheongsong UNESCO Global Geopark

Client:  Design House Seoul

Costs:  25.000.-



Look at this green blossomlike entity.

What may it be.

First, it is a living process, following the shape 

The artists want to give it.

A natural architecture without specific function.

Sit and look at it.

A summit of whole flowering nature,

Florescense of nature.

For the artists, it is  kind of 

Communication with nature

During inventing it, 

Form it, working with it,

Taking care of it.

Flowing water, symbol of life

Everlasting renewing

An order of parting and coming back again,

Fading away and ressurection.

Willows and water,

Everywhere in the world willows grow along waterlines.

Poets sang of it, common people traditioned it.

We found a poem by Wang Wei

Willow waves.

Willow Waves

Separated in rows, the lovely trees stand

one next to another,

Their inverted reflections cast in the clear


They do not take after the willows by the

palace moat,

Which grieve at parting in spring wind.