Window to the Western town Esslingen


task: The bank of the river "Roßneckar", down under the Mettinger Straße was unattractive and destroyable, so it should have been decorated more kind. In soft clay taken prints of locations, objects and opinions of the district were branded, glazed and sticked on a grey wall made out of beton.Result: 625 individual decorated tiles create a wall-picture together and send a message from many people to many people.

location: Open space, Roßneckar Esslingen

clients: City of Esslingen, parks department

construction costs: 23.000.-

cooperation: Kids-Arts-community(Vorstand Herr und Frau Buhro), die "Zwiebelbuben", eine professional Young-Sprayergroup, Jugendbüro von Frau Schehle, Bürgerausschuss Innenstadt (Frau Bahr)

feature: A porcess should have been get going, which should have the gain to make the town more creatively inspired and get the walls and the citizens of western Esslingen alive.