Sunflower marketplace

task: Action at the international play-mobile-congress in Stuttgart: "A sunflower, outspread as a carpet on grey cobbles, should bloom, friendly pin itself on the passengers feet."

location: Marketplace Stuttgart, 2,4/2,4 m

client: Stuttgarter Jugendhausverein e.V.

construction costs: 1.250,- €

cooperation: authority in charge of planning, design, construction and mainetance of fixed structures and ground facilities of the city of Stuttgart

elements: 25 elements á 40/40cm made out of beton, covered with mosaics, already made and in protection of the Wagenburg der Mobifanten fitted into the marketplaces floor.

feature: Summer 1992: The "Stuttgarter Nachrichten" asked the cities council, who made the mosaic. Nobody knew anymore.