A brook on the westside


task: Building a Water-Playground

location: Elisabethenanlage, Stuttgart-West, 20/30m

clients: Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart

construction costs: 12.500.-

cooperation: Evangelisches Jugendwerk Stuttgart, Mobile Jugendarbeit West, Jugendhaus West, Lehrlingsabteilung des Garten-und Friedhofsamts, Bezirksbeirat West

elements: Waterrope with different outlets made out of coloured cement-mortar, clayflats, woodropes, water pump

feature: 300 kids and adults from schools nearby and social organizations made elements and build all togehter in frame of a ten day long workshop and with help from azubis of the city of Stuttgart.

09.09.1999 Clay-Dancing: The whole neighbourhood worked on the clay with their feet at a building-happening, supported by a drumgroup and leaded by an afro-american dancer.