The story of the "Mönchsstein", public place in Stuttgart-Mönchsfeld

task: The story of the Mönchsstein, named for the district, should be known to the public. It is shown in eighteen pictures, as relief made out of ceramics (50x30cm and 50x20cm) with coloured surface and recessed into the seat back and the foot area.

location: Public space

client: Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart, project of the "Sozialen Stadt Freiberg-Mönchsfeld", LOS-Project

construction costs: 28.000.-

cooperation: Home for senio citizens St. Ulrich, parish St. Johannes, Christoph-Ulrich-Hahn-Haus, Hubert Reich, Freier Garten- und Landschaftsarchitekt BDLA, Gesamtplanung des Platzes

elements: Benches and the Mönchstein as decoration for the Mönchssteinplatz

feature: Seniors from the St. Ulrich-House, youngsters and adults from St. Johannes and adults from the Christoph-Ulrich-Hahn-House made all clay and glaze works and the sketches with the help of the architect W. Zaumseil and his workers.